Ishaneswar Slum Development


Project Site: Ishaneswar Basti, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

Site area: 550 sq.m. (approx.)

Year: 2019

Ishaneswar Basti is a slum development project as part of the JAGA Mission with the Government of Odisha.

Ishaneswar Basti is a slum community consisting of residents from multiple cultural backgrounds, the majority of which belong to the traditional Kuin culture.

The project is a conversation of the existing cultural dynamic & community activity with the developmental needs of the settlement, incorporating elements of local festivities, sports for youth activity, children's play (with learning!) and inclusion of women & young girls.

The informal settlement, home to over 1660 residents and hidden behind the alleys of the high-end Niladri Vihar colony, now boasts of an identifiable character with bright coloured houses along the main access street.

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