Jakkampudi YSR Colony

Slum safety initiative

Project Site: YSR Colony

Location: Jakkampudi, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

Far-flung on the edges of the city sits an affordable housing settlement called YSR Colony, named after the Chief Minister YSR Reddy who commissioned it. More than a decade since it's existence, the mobility access is limited (although there is a liquor shop upon the entrance), and social dynamic therein remains unchanged & isolated like the colony itself.

Built Empathy was commissioned by Vasavya Mahila Mandali, a renowned NGO working for women & children to eliminate domestic violence and caring for orphaned children, to research and provide design inputs as part of their suggestion report to the ULB councillor.

The human-centered design methodology, involving community stakeholders, leaders, and impacted members; helped to bring out some stark deficiencies in the overall social structure, such as children less than 10 years old brought in as clientele for drug peddlers, and women shamed for engaging with public space, among others.

The report is aimed at helping the ULB's to make more informed program & policy implementations going forward.

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