Light Up Delhi Campaign

The 'Light Up Delhi' campaign is an initiative that works towards making Delhi safer by advocating for better lighting infrastructure around the safest mode of public transport in Delhi, the Delhi metro.

The initiative is part of a step-by-step approach to changing the negative spaces in the city and bringing out the collective power of citizen initiative to influence policy outcome.

The ask? A two-step commitment towards changing the city-scape for good:

  • Prepare a report on the condition of street lighting around key public areas.
  • Install sustainable solar LED lamps on all walkways/ footpaths in a 1 km radius around all metro stations.


With the support of more than 33,000 people for the initiative, Bhavya Singh, founder of Built Empathy, met with Satyendra Jain, Minister of Health, Home, Power, PWD, Industries, Urban Development & Flood and Irrigation, Govt of Delhi.

Following the meeting, Mr. Jain responded officially to the petition and committed to make citizens feel safer while travelling by the Delhi Metro, by ensuring the following measures:

  1. Commissioning a fresh survey with a special focus on dark spots around Delhi Metro Stations.
  2. Expediting action to light up all the dark spots identified within a 1-kilometre radius of Metro stations by the second survey.
  3. Reviewing the status of dark spots that were identified in a previous survey.
  4. Ensuring 100% lighting of all those remaining dark spots that were not covered.


The campaign engaged citizens in active democratic participation to bring change, and worked with the government to expedite the commitments. As a successful culmination, the Chief Minister of Delhi Sh. Arvind Kejriwal launched the 'Mukhyamantri Street Light Yojana' on 23rd September, 2019.

1. Complete official response to the petition
2. Petition link:

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